From the TinMans Heart

Monday, February 22, 2010

Drifting away from who I was,
Who knew that’d be the cause,
Of all this hostility,
Is the need of a new reality?

Dancing on a Blade where masks have no place,
I reminder of a time when I needed to see your face.
So weak and frail was I to never to speak my heart,
I was hiding NOT protected and waiting in the dark.
That time has gone I’ve faced the mirror,
Something you've neglected to see,
Is suddenly to me seems so clear to everyone that is me.

My sincere apologies to you feel that what’s in my heart is wrong,
I know the rhythm in my heart now has blossomed into a song.
I wish you not to sing unless you know the key, the words, the tune,
I’ve changed enough for the moment,
And your alterations will come too soon.

"im done, i quit, ya im over it"

tears as hollow as the pomises whispered from your lips heavy as lead they land without a sound... things are different now...turning back only means faceing the pain. a paint i believed was from the heart buit their orgin has a moral start to an immortal ending "im done, i quit, yeah im over it" is all that comes to thought. ill pick myself back up but its to stand alone, looking up to heaven not you. you were the only exception i allowed to make my heart falter on cue. i shuttered when you spoke in anticipation of more. lip to ear, it was a secret only i know how you speak and continued to speak to me. i lived in a box upon your shelf,dust gathers, you only pull my strings for a thrill the reminder that im willing is much more filling than any love i could pour into my heart. which remans distant and out of sight to me... no more tears will be shed over you... im sorry thats how i felt i feel sorry for you my immortal beloved that found to be just a boy behind the curtain.

thank you kye

Friday, February 19, 2010

We are born into a world we will eventually have to say goodbye to me make connections that is severed by death. People will do anything to forget that they are steadily headed towards their own demise and those who realise it, the ones that have seen death, get a taste of their own mortality. Constant reminders of the fact that no matter how hard you try no matter what you do, one day you WILL die. Which makes the point of life to prolong your own death or it gives you a purpose. The only true last chance immortality is something that will live beyond you, a choice set of words, in a song, through sculpture or art, and humanitarian work. My goal from now is making a mark, on life because immortality isn't out of my reach or yours.   

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Fighting is Natural. Talking through your feelings and admitting something is goes against your biological instincts. Self preservation tells us to avoid conflict to defend yourself its animal instinct. What tells you most about people is how they try to resolve a conflict. We were brought up to fear emotion, emotion equals weakness, and weakness is unaccept acceptable in modern society. At the core all fights are the same, two people yelling at each other, going in circles doing anything to avoid how they feel. When admission is salvation why is it so hard to achieve. It seems so easy to solve a fight when you think about it, say how you feel. In practice its much more difficult, isn't it? Until people can accept that emotion is natural and learn not to fear speaking their mind we will continue to streach out long emotionally hurtful fights. That's why I want to grow close enough to someone that, that fear doesn't exist between me and them.